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Isle of Wight Zoo

White Tiger Zena
The Isle of Wight Zoo is a popular tourist attraction and can be found opposite the beach along Yaverland Road in the holiday resort of Sandown. This much-visited animal park specialises predominately in tigers and lemurs, with the zoo concentrating on the more elderly big cats who can enjoy a well-earned rest and make the most of a contented retirement. Other animals to be found here include lions, jaguars, monkeys and birds. The aim of the zoo is to maintain its contribution to conservation, as many animals sadly find themselves endangered in the wild, predominately due to the atrocious behaviour of certain humans.

Lemurs Mangoky & Yolande
The Isle of Wight Zoo was formerly called the Isle of Wight Tiger and Lemur Sanctuary and was constructed inside the remains of a Victorian fort which was originally built to protect Sandown’s coastline. Several years ago, the zoo workers were known to regularly walk the young tiger cubs on the soft sandy beach opposite the site, much to the amazement and disbelief of visiting holidaymakers. Nowadays, after falling into disrepair and subsequently undergoing major regeneration in the 1970s, the family-run zoo is now a well-respected facility for wild animal management and conservation.

Providing the best possible on-going welfare for the animals in the zoo is the main target for the owners, and their fundamental objectives are care, conservation and education. Every employee or volunteer who works at the zoo, whether they are a keeper, part of the veterinary staff, or a maintenance worker, make a valid contribution to animal welfare. Through education, such as the interactive presentations which are available from the tour guides, the zoo looks to provide inspiration for its visitors by encouraging a desire to learn about global wildlife and nature.

For further information including entrance fees and opening times visit: www.isleofwightzoo.com


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