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Amazon World Zoo Park

Amazon World Isle of Wight
Amazon World Zoo Park on the Isle of Wight is the biggest exotic animal attraction on the Island and boasts a massive variety of unusual and rare animals. This incredible zoo park is a unique Isle of Wight attraction where you can learn about both conservation and rainforests and see some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered creatures. Some of the animals here are so rare they cannot be seen anywhere else in the UK or even Europe.

Amazon World Zoo Park was created over 20 years ago by Derek Curtis who was inspired by a visit to the rainforests of South America. The experience prompted him to create a wildlife haven on the Island. It all began when Derek surveyed a tomato nursery site near Arreton with a view to going into the conservatory business. Little did he know then that 20 years later it would be his own zoo and conservation centre on the Isle of Wight.

Curtis has always had a passion for animals. He formerly lived in Surrey, where he and his wife had what can only be described as a miniature wildlife park in the garden, which included giant tortoises and flamingos! When he retired from the building industry in 1991, he was considering a new venture. The proposed Island site, containing a huge greenhouse, was perfect for housing his animals. Around the same time, he visited the Amazon rainforest and saw so many species under threat that he felt compelled to do something. So Amazon World Zoo Park was born.

This exciting attraction does a good job of replicating the different areas of South America and is populated by birds, mammals, reptiles and exotic fish from that region. There are rainforest, river and desert areas recreating habitats of sloths, armadillos and meerkats, and outside areas with bigger animals such as tapirs and capybaras. Very few zoos have animals such as giant anteaters, toucans, armadillos and porcupines. There are also play areas, including a Jurassic-themed adventure playground and Dino Dig.

Conservation and breeding are high on the agenda and Amazon World was the first zoo in the UK to breed the rare Tamandua anteater and is also the only animal park in the UK breeding sloths. All the highly dedicated staff are trained in zoo animal care and are devoted to their jobs.10 feeding times a day mean both adults and children can get up close to some of the animals, such as snakes, lizards, armadillos and tortoises.

Amazon World Zoo Park
Watery Lane
Nr Arreton
Isle of Wight
PO36 0LX

Tel: 01983 867122
Fax: 01983 868560
Website: www.amazonworld.co.uk
Email: info@amazonworld.co.uk

Further Information

  • Open daily from 10am
  • Around 200 different species
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • No dogs allowed
  • Open 364 days a year

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